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Background of the Sport

Football action is fast

Football is derived from the sports of rugby and soccer, in Canada dating back to 1861. The game is played on a field 110 yards long (100 in the US) and played with an oblong-shaped ball. The object of the game is to score points by running and carrying the ball, or throwing it to a team mate past the opposing team's goal line (a "touchdown"). You can also score field goals by kicking a ball through the uprights in the other team's goal posts. Each team has 11 players on the field playing either "offence" (the team with the ball) or "defence" (the team blocking) from a complement of over 30 players. In the Canadian Football League, teams play three "downs" or attempts to score a touchdown or a field goal. In the US, they play with four downs. The season usually starts in June and runs through until November (in the US, it finishes with January's Superbowl game). Football is a demanding sport that combines speed, agility, strength, and precision.

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Football varies on cost depending on competitive level. To play flag or touch football all you really require are football cleats and athletic wear (and of course the football). To play tackle football you'll need football cleats (shoes), gloves, mouth guard and a protective cup. Together, these items will cost about $130-$150, and are available at selected sporting goods stores around town. Most teams will provide you a helmet, shoulder, thigh, knee and tail bone pads (there might be a rental or league fee for this).

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Tackle football is an extra curricular activity in most high schools. For those no longer in school, there are a number of football leagues in the Hamilton area, including the Hamilton Minor Football Association (905-318-9969).

For competitive footbal, you can check out:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
(905) 547-2287 (CATS)
Ivor Wyne Stadium
75 Balsam Ave, Hamilton, ON L8L-8C1
Come out to historic 28,830 seat Ivor Wynne Stadium and watch 15 time Grey Cup Champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats take on the very best of the Canadian Football League. Game-day tickets start as low as $15.

Hamilton Steel City Ironman
Sackville Hill Park (Upper Wentworth Street at Mohawk Road)
The Steel City Ironman is junior Football Club that play in central Ontario. They provide the opportunity for area football players 19 and under to develop their skill, with an objective of advancement to University or College. The Ironmans play their home games at Ivor Wynn Stadium.

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