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Junk mail does more than waste our time and invade our privacy: it also contributes to global warming by causing wasteful destruction of our Forests.

With just a ltttle effort, anyone can easily shrink their impact on the environment by telling Canada Post to stop delivering junk mail. Surprisingly only a few per cent of Canadian homes have done it.

Canada Post says that most people want to get flyers and ads delivered at their door, so they are aware of offer and deals from community merchants.

Vancouver eco-activist Beth Ringdahl, who runs the website, www.reddotcampaign.ca, says that Canadians are inundated with $19 Billion worth of advertising each year and that 67% of Canadians are not interested in flyers and advertising that comes in the mail. Furthermore, that 25% of Canadians discard them without reading.

Canada Post's Consumer's Choice option makes it so easy for consumers to opt out of admail. When you do, Canada Post adjusts their database so that advertisers using the GeoPost targeting services only print the number of flyers for households that have not opted out. Over time, our choices will reduce flyer print quantities.

In order to pt-out from "junk mail" all consumers need to do is take a "No Junk Mail" sing on or you your mail box or mailslot (if you are in an apartment building or use a "SuperMailbox"). If the sign is ignored, you can download a form which you mail to the post office (no stamp or envelope required).

If you still have not compliance, use the post office's Contact Us form or call 1-866-607-6301.

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