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(NC)-More than a decade after MP3 players hit the mainstream, these compact music players have evolved into much more than a portable solution for music lovers on the go. Many of today's devices are full-featured media players that come with more entertaining functions than most consumers realize.

Audio and video players will likely top many holiday lists. Gift buyers should look for players that give them the biggest bang for their buck, without compromising on the music playing:

  • Built in voice recorders allow you to record thoughts on the go or a lecture at school for easy playback at a later time.
  • Apart from enjoying music, specialized media players like the SanDisk Sansa Fuze allow you to download audiobooks and listen to your favourite novel while on the go.
  • Portable media players from select companies have microSD card slots that allow you to easily add and transport all types of content between your player, mobile phone or even your PC. MicroSD cards also expand storage capacity, providing additional space for more songs, videos or photos.
  • Built-in FM radio is a great feature for syncing with a television at the gym or simply connecting with the daily news.
  • The larger the screen, the better. Numerous media players come with bright colour screens that help display large photos and videos. The screen also allows for easy navigation from feature to feature.
  • Internal rechargeable batteries that have an extended battery life are beneficial for lengthy play between charges.

Knowing the numerous features that are available on today's audio and video players will help narrow down the search for purchasing the best player for the right person.

- News Canada

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