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(NC)-When you're the host, you make the decisions that you're sure will show your guests a great time, whether it's selecting the perfect canapé or the most danceable tunes. But there is far more to being a truly great host - you are also responsible for helping your guests enjoy your party responsibly and safely.

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure your celebrations end well.

Party Planning Tips for the Responsible Host:

  • Beef up the menu. Serve foods that are rich in proteins since they hasten the absorption of alcohol. Don't forget the late night snacks too.
  • B.Y.O.P.J.S . Bring your own pajamas. Invite guests ahead of time to stay overnight.
  • Let's make a deal. Arrange a set fee with a local cab company to shuttle your guests to and from the party.
  • Offer a token gift. Have transit fare or subway tokens available as guests leave for the night.
  • Serve Smart D.D. Drinks. Non-alcoholic versions of party favourites are good to have on hand. Not only will your designated drivers thank you, so will those watching their waistlines. Try non-alcoholic ciders, spritzers and low-calorie pilsners that have the full-bodied taste of a quality beer like new Labatt Blue Dealcoholized, available in select grocery and convenience stores across Canada.

More party hosting tips can be found online at www.makeaplan.ca.

- News Canada

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