Hamilton Parties: Guide To Creative Christmas Cocktails

Author: Derek Rogers

The season for festive specialty drinks is finally here. Get ready with your sparkling Christmas cocktail party with festive beverages that are sure to invigorate and uplift the holiday spirit among your guests. Do the planning and preparation and make your Holiday merry with these creative Christmas cocktails tips.

Invitations. Release the creativity in you and personalise your invitations. You can simply design a red paper with silver bells or wine glasses and confetti and write the details using white or silver ink. A novelty Santa Claus hat may be included along with your invitation; you can ask your guests to wear them on the event to make it a little less formal and fully embracing of the Christmas spirit (quite literally).

Venue decor. Identify a color scheme. If you wish to go for the traditional Santa color - red and white then make use of drapes of red and white fabrics along with red and white balloons to decorate the venue. Decorate the tables with red and white table cloths, perhaps with a splash of green or gold. You can also add silver ornaments and enhance the look with shine and sparkle. You may want to wrap plant pots in aluminum foil for a creative Holiday decor. Of course, a Christmas tree with gifts under it sets the perfect Christmas atmosphere. If your party will be held indoors, remember to ornament pillars.

Food. Since cocktail parties do not necessarily require a full course meal, you still want to prepare enough finger foods and hors d'oeuvres that the guests can graze throughout the event. Tarts and shortbread are ideal cocktail party foods as well as cheese, crackers, and cut fruit.

Drinks. Now that you have set the Holiday spirit with the invites, venue decor, and food, it's time to consider the most important part of your Holiday cocktail party. Generally, you have the option for a full bar or a drink menu. Full bar allows your guests to choose their favorite drink, this is ideal if you have a well-stocked bar and if you are willing to buy the necessary spirits and do the mixing and bartending yourself. But you also have the option to be more creative and opt for a drink menu as it encourages your guests to try on different drinks. Just create a list of drinks and its ingredients, set it on the bar, and allow your guests to try and mix their own cocktails.

Creativity comes in when you have a special theme to work into. Come up with gemstone colored drinks to show the sparkle and shine of the Holidays. Reinvent the traditional eggnog and prepare eggnog strictly for adults by mixing eggnog with white chocolate liquor. Of course, the holiday cocktails such as Angel's Delight (combination of cream, triple sec and gin), Holiday Hopper (melon liquer and creme), Christmas Jones (pineapple, vodka, and lemon-lime soda), and the English Christmas Punch should be made available. You can also prepare a dessert drink with the mixture of 1oz each of vodka, amaretto, and heavy cream.

There's actually a variety of creative cocktail drinks to serve. Just choose those that match your theme and fits right with the personality of your guests. Moreover, consider having a few non-alcoholic drinks for some of your non-drinking guests.

About the Author:
Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For a range of recommended Cocktail, he recommends Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants & Importers.

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