Hamilton Business Plan Drafting: Tips and Trick

Business Plan Drafting: Tips and Tricks

Author: Ayaz Haider

Writing a business plan is one of the most challenging and time consuming task. Many entrepreneurs feel fatigued in writing a business plan due to shortage of time. Before starting any business, it is necessary to draft a business plan that will lead your business towards success and help you to generate loans from potential investors and lenders.

Before writing a business plan, it is necessary to identify the sections that you want to include in it. Usually, the layout of a business plan is standard. If you are writing a business plan, in order to attract potential investors and lenders than it must be according to their requirements. Analyze your audience carefully if you want to write a successful business plan.

Parts of Business Plan:

  1. The first and the most important section of a business plan is an executive summary. The most important section of a business plan, which contains a brief overview of all the important points, which you think a reader has to know. It is the first section of a business plan, but usually, written in the end. It is necessary an executive summary must be that powerful that it encourages the reader to read the full content.

  2. The second section is the services overview, which define your company, vision, and mission. This section also contains the information about your shared holders and the products and services you are offering.

  3. Industry analysis is the third section of a business plan that describes, whether your business industry is growing or declining.

  4. Next section is the marketing plan section, which describes your target market, target customers, competitors, trends in the market, and marketing budget. Your marketing plan section requires careful analysis and research.

  5. After defining your marketing strategy, next section is the operational plan, which includes information about your management strength, equipment, production, and other operational issues the company will face.

  6. Last and the most important section of a business plan is financial projection. The financial projection section requires realistic financial data. Every data of this section must be carefully analyze and must be realistic.

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