Hamilton Food: 8 ways to get whole grains

(NC)-Did you know? Canada's Food Guide recommends adults aim for 6-8 servings of grain products per day, and make at least half of those whole grain. Yet according to an Ipsos Reid poll from 2008, 6 out of 10 Canadians report not getting enough. Try using these simple tips each day to help reach your whole grain goals.

  • Scan the ingredient list

    Whole grain foods will list a whole grain - such as wheat, oats, corn or rice, as the first ingredient. You'll know it's whole grain if the words "whole" or "whole grain" appear as the primary ingredient. Be careful though, as foods that claim to be "multi-grain", "100% wheat" or "high fibre" are not necessarily whole grain.

  • Look for the Whole Grain logo

    Whole grain is a key ingredient in all General Mills cereals. When you see the

    Whole Grain symbol, you know you're getting whole grain goodness!

  • Choose pasta that is made with whole grain.

  • Substitute whole-wheat flour for white flour when baking your favourite breads, muffins, biscuits or pancakes.

  • Experiment with whole grain side dishes such as brown rice, barley, kasha or buckwheat.

  • Munch on popcorn, a whole grain granola bar or whole grain cereal mixed with yogurt instead of other snacks.

  • Wrap up sandwich fixings in a whole grain corn or whole wheat tortilla.

  • Trade in white bread or rolls for the whole grain variety.

It only takes small changes to make a big difference in working towards a healthy diet. More information on whole grains is available at www.areyougettingenough.ca.


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