Hamilton Food: Food Safety Tips To Follow

Food Safety tips to follow:

  • Buy fresh-looking fruits and vegetables, without bruises, shriveled kin, mold, or slimey. Never buy anything that smells bad. Only buy the quantity you need (or will consume before the food spoils)
  • Separate meats from fruits & vegetables in the shopping cart
  • Handle fresh fruits and vegetables carefully. Put produce away promptly, storing in the crisper of your refrigerator.
  • Keep all cut fruits and vegetables covered, in the refrigerator. Throw away produce you have kept too long, and has gone bad.
  • Store prepared fruit salads and other cut produce in the refrigerator until just before serving.
  • Throw away cut produce that has been out of the refrigerator for four hours or more.
  • Always wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly in clean drinking water (without detergent or bleach) before eating
  • Keep separate utensils and cutting boards separate for meats and vegetables.
  • Wash all countertops and utensils thoroughly when handling food.
  • Thoroughly wash hands before preparing food, and immediately after handling raw meat.
  • Always clean any surface that has come in contact with raw meat before any other item is placed on that surface (or better, prep fruits and vegetables before using a cutting board or utensil for prepping meat items)
  • Always cook meat until the juices run absolutely clear.
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