Flamborough is the mostly rural part of Hamilton northwest of King's Highway #5 out to the the municipal boundary, just shy of the #401. At the junction of King's Highways Nos. 5 and 6 known as Clappison's Corners, and just east (and connected by continuous residential and commercial buildings) is the community of Waterdown.

Flamborough has 38,000 residents prior to amalgamation into the City of Hamilton. Because of the approval of new homes in Waterdown, at least 6,500 more houses in the near future


The Flamborough are is part of Wards 14 and 15 in the Hamilton Wentworth District School Bpard Ciew of Coote's Paradise


This are has some shoppingclustered in Waterdown, but shoppers tend to go to either Burlington, Dundas/Ancaster or into Hamilton for their larger purchases.


Waterdown has a theatre company, a YMCA. The Flambouriough area is home to the Flamborough Speedway for auto racing, and Flambourough Downs for thoroughbred (horse) and harness racing. Ther are numerous golf course, Conservation areas, and the southern edge of this largely rural community has the Bruce Trail along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment.

Community Map