Glanbrook - Hamilton, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities


Glanbrook was formerly a rural township of about ten thousand inhabitants south of Hamilton, which (most importantly) contains the city's international Airport at Mount Hope, but also the community of Binbrook. These townships were surveyed n the 1790s, and after being deforested by pioneer settlers, Glanbrook was suitable for grain cultivation and mixed agriculture, though this are was not as suited to fruit growing as the rest of the Niagara Penninsula.

Glanbrook is wholly located above the Niagara Escarpment. It typically suffers from heavier winter snowfall, heavier spring runoff. Although it appeared relatively flat, the land slopes to drain the northern portion into Lake Ontario and the southern portion drained into Lake Erie.

During the Second World War, the Royal Canadian Air Force built an airfield in Glanford Township as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, training pilots, navigators and wireless (radio) operators. The graves of 13 Britons and a Jamaican who did not survive their training are interred in a local churchyard. After the war, the RCAF Station Mount Hope was declared surplus and was converted to civil aviation in 1963. Over time it has grown into an international airport.

In 1974, when the municipal amalgamation process began, Glanford and Binbrook were amalgamated to form the Township of Glanbrook, and in 2000 they (and several others in the area) were amalgamated in to the new & larger City of Hamilton.


The area has a number of schools, most in small suburban centres. Post-secondary educational institutions are in nearby Hamilton.


Shopping is easily accessible in nearby Hamilton, Ancaster and Stoney Creek, depending on where in Glanbrook you are located.


A flood control dam was built at Binbrook Conservation Area 1971, near the source of the Welland River. Since this conservation area is operated by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, the reservoir was called Lake Niapenco. Binbrook Conservation Area offers fishing, boating, hiking and birding opportunities. For history buffs, the airport is home to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The Glanbrook area also is home to a number of Hamilton's golf courses.

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