Hamilton Central - Hamilton, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

This part of Hamilton lies between Hamilton Harbour and the Escarpment (Mountain) and between James on the west and Kenilworth on the east. It includes such traditionally working class neighbourhoods as the North End, Beasley and Corktown, and a number of other neighborhoods east of downtown on both sides of Barton and Main Street.

Fountain in Gore Park

Hamilton's North End, has a rich history as a rough working class neighbourhood popular with Irish, Scottish and later Eastern Europeans immigrants over the years, who worked in the nearby factories and docks. The North End is separated from downtown by railroad tracks, literally on the 'wrong side of the tracks'. This blue collar area was heavily pro-union with residents part of the Teamsters, Longshoremen, United Steel Workers of America, and many other unions, and the seedier organized crime and gambling adding 'character' which became synonymous with Hamilton.

Corktown is the area settled by the Irish, on the south east side of downtown. At The Delta, where east-west Main Street and King St intersected, and around the huge Gage Park, are the communities of Blakely, Stipeley, Crown Point,and The Delta.


This area is quite mature and has 23 elementary schools, 5 secondary schools and a 2 public libraries


The area has downtown shopping on its west, the large Centre mall on its east and is home to the vibrant Barton Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) and retail district. For home improvements, Ottawa Street west of Centre Mall cant be beat.


This area has extensive recreational opportunities, ranging from parklands along the Niagara Escarpment, including the Escarpment Rail Trail, Gage Park which is home to Hamilton's Children's Museum, and along the waterfront at Bayfront Park and Pier 4 Park which are home to several marinas and yacht clubs. For those preferring their team sports, there is Ivor Wynn Stadium, home to the cities CFL Ti-Cats. There are the Jackson Square and Broadway movie theatres and at the Centre Mall.

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