Hamilton Mountain - Hamilton, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Escarpment view This part of Hamilton lies above (and generally south of) the Niagara Escarpment. This area is newer than the part of Hamilton below the Escarpment. The major north-south streets align with those in lower Hamilton, but have "Upper" preceding their names, for example Upper James aligns with James. Hamilton Mountain is connected to the rest of Hamilton by roads that must traverse the Escarpment's slope so if you head north on Upper James, you will end up on Victoria, and in the reverse direction, if you start head south on James, you end up on West 5th Street. Several major streets have no connection, like Upper Wentworth, Upper Sherman, Upper James and Upper Ottawa.

The area is traversed east-west by the #86 Lincoln Alexander Parkway, which connects to the #403 in the west (and in turn to Brantford in one direction and Burlington & Toronto in the other). Soon, the new Red Creek Expressway (expected to open in 2007) will provide a direct connection to the QEW between Niagara Falls and Toronto.


This area has 51 elementary schools, 12 high schools and 4 public libraries. Mohawk College is in the western pat of this community, and McMaster University is not far away.


The community is served by the Concession St Retail district, with more stores clustered along Upper James from Mountain Plaza (at Fennell) south to Ryckman's Corners (at Rymal). The area's retail giant is the Lime Ridge Mall, but the Meadowlands Power Centre is at the western edge just before the community of Ancaster.


There are a number of parks and natural areas, including the whole escarpment along the community's northern edge, which is home to the famous Bruce Trail. There are also the Iroquois Heights Conservation Area, Chedoke Civic Gold and Ski Club in the west side of the community and the many parks along Red Creek, including the Mohawk Sport Park, Kings' Forest Park, Mount Albion Conservation Area, and the Falker Falls Conservation Area. This community is served by three golf courses, plus several more in the largely rural area to the couth.

For those looking for movie entertainment, there are theatres at Meadowlands, Lime Ridge and Upper James. For those looking for historical inspiration, there is the Native Village and Burial Grounds by Ryckman's Corner, and the Mohawk Trail School Museum

Community Map