Hamilton Getting Your Home for Showing

Here are some simple steps for giving your home a "once over" to get it in shape for selling.

When we say "Toss" we mean you should evaluate the most appropriate use: donate it to charity, garage sale it, e-bay it (for unusual items with higher value outside your community), recycle it, or toss it.

  • Items worth keeping for your next home, but cleared during the de-cluttering process, should be wrapped, boxed and labeled, and moved to storage (you need to de-clutter your garage, too!)
  • Wipe-down and dust every shelf, every window ledge (above and below the window)
  • Vacuum any carpets, drapes, and window treatments. Move furniture to vacuum underneath, and lift the cushions to clean coins & crumbs underneath
  • Check every light that it works, replacing light bulbs for those that don't and washing all the fixtures with window cleaner so lights shine brightest.
  • De-clutter bathroom and kitchen counters of all unnecessary appliances and decorative accessories
  • Check the kitchen drawers, and the kitchen and bathroom cupboards, removing anything no longer used, anything no longer part of a matched set, anything dirty or worn.
  • Dust any bookshelves and display cases.
  • Wipe down all kitchen appliances, the washer & dryer, and all home entertainment items (TV, stereo, games controllers…)
  • Get rid of any toys or clothes your kids have outgrown
  • Use a soapy cloth to wipe down all light switches, electrical outlets (careful!), window ledges and door frames.
  • Use a soapy cloth to clean any scuff marks on floor boards (you amay need a stronger cleaner for this)
  • Mats in the kitchen, bathroom or entrance should be inspected & smelled. Anything not in pristine conditions should be washed or laundered, or replaced
  • Bedroom and entrance closet contents should be pared down to key items. Toss anything too mall, too worn, or out of style. Anything seasonal or surplus to the next month's needs should be boxed and moved into storage.
  • In the year, pull out the weeds from flower beds, planting fresh flowers to fill empty areas, trim the hedges, and cut the grass. Toss any yard clutter
  • In winter time, keep the driveway and walk shoveled.
  • Check that all outside lights work, and that all windows are washed.

Now, its a simple job of maintaining the house in show-ready condition, while the home is for sale.

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