Hamilton Hidden Clutter: Fixing obvious spots any buyer may look

One of the most important things your home can offer a potential buyer is plenty of space. You may not have the time or inclination to de-clutter everything, but at least do the obvious places, a home buyer may look:

  • Toss anything you don't want to move into your new home
  • Organize the stuff you want to keep.
  • Sell items of value in a garage sale or online using ebay or kijiji
  • Donate anything that can be used by others

After de-cluttering, take a quick swipe of shelves with a moist soapy rag to brighten and freshen them.

  • Under the Kitchen Sink:remove old or redundant cleaning chemicals, dishcloths and scouring pads, wipe down the bottom, door insides and the garbage container.
  • Kitchen cutlery/gadget drawer: clean out the silverware tray, remove excess gadgets, and wash the insides of the drawer.
  • Dishes and coffee mug cupboard Throw out any mismatched plate, coffee cups, mugs or glasses. Wipe down each shelf before reshelving the dishes.
  • Plastic container drawer/cupboard Toss any warped, cracked or mis-matched plastic containers, especially those recycled containers from products you have bought (yoghurt containers, peanut butter jars, coffee tins)
  • The pantry cupboard Toss any food past its "Best Before" date, or that you'll never cook. Wipe down each shelf before reshelving the food.
  • The front hall closet Get rid of anything you no longer want or use, and anything your kids have outgrown. Box any out-of-season items (boots, coats, mitts, sports items). Use your best coat hangers in this closet. Minimize the pairs of shoes. Vacuum or sweep it out and wash the floor. Scrub any shoe scuff marks from the walls.
  • Linen Closet A favourite spot for woman home-buyers to peek. Toss anything worn out, is out of style, or that you no longer have a need for. Keep enough sheets or towels for the next month, and put the excess into storage. Re-launder anything that does not smell Spring Fresh. Wipe the shelves before replacing linens.
  • Under the bathroom sink Reduce the cleaning chemicals, cosmetics, towels and toilet paper rolls to only essentials. Toss anything old or looking used. Again, wipe down the cupboard before reshelving the items you want to keep.
  • Master Bedroom Closet Nearly every prospective buyer will look into your closet, checking if there is enough room for all their clothes and shoe. Sell or donate any clothes that doesn't fit, that's out-of-style, or will likely never wear (cull your t-shirt collection down to essentials). Toss anything that should have be mended, worn out shoes, socks with holes, soled underwear or pajamas. Reduce the shoes to a minimum you'll use in the next month (look at each pair to decide if you want to toss or store them). Clean the shelves and vacuum the carpet.

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