Hamilton Keeping Your Home Show-Ready

How do you keep a home ready for a real estate agent's showing at a moment's notice, but still live your life? The trick is keeping it clean a bit at a time (after doing an initial top-to-bottom clean-up), and making this a habit, so you don't have to panic when they call to set a showing appointment, and you'll end up getting much more for your home.

  • Kitchen Clean up dishes after each meal, and wipe down the dinner table. Place an attractive centerpiece (a vase, fruit bowl or candles) when done.
  • Kids Rooms have kids clean their rooms 10 minutes before bedtime, including packing away toys and dirty clothes. For young ones, reward them afterwards with a bedtime story.
  • Cleanup the home nightly Before going to bed, do room sweep gathering any out of place items, hanging up clothes and sports items, putting dirty dishes and clothes into their respective washers, and tossing garbage and newspapers. You can sleep better knowing there are going to be fewer early morning surprises.
  • Make up your bed each morning and put pajamas away. Any dirty laundry goes in the hamper. Check the kids' rooms and make any beds they've missed.
  • Clean up the bathrooms each morning wipe down the bath tiles and bathtub edge, polish the mirror and sink, looking for toothpaste splatter and razor stubble. Wipe the towel rod, and straighten the towels. Flush the toilet and put down the lid. Spray window cleaner is all you'll need.
  • Polish the kitchen after breakfast After clearing breakfast dishes (to the dishwasher), use window cleaner on the stovetop, the kitchen sink, the faucet, and your counters. Sweep the floor for crumbs.
  • If you know you have a showing that day sweep the floors & vacuum the rugs.
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