Hamilton Spring Cleaning Tip

Here are some suggestions that will make your spring cleaning an easier (even more fun) chore:

  • Pack away all the Christmas stuff that have distributed themselves around the home. If you haven't already done so, create seasonal storage boxes: Christmas, Spring (Easter, etc.), Summer, Fall (Halloween, etc.).
  • Start cleaning early. If you do a room a month beginning in January, you don't have to do the whole house in April.
  • Sort your piles of paper. Put last year's tax info into a file, and set up a new file for this year's receipts. Anything you haven't looked at in a year (especially newspapers and magazines) consider for garbage.
  • When a midwinter warm spell hits, clean the windows inside and out. The house will look a lot brighter.
  • Organize all those vacation photos, brochures, etc into photo albums.
  • Get some putty and fill in all the paint chips. After it has dried at least a day, sand it down. Wash down to remove dust and then paint with a small can of touch-up paint.
  • Sort through your freezer. Remove anything that looks old, freezer burned or broken. You aren't going to eat this stuff anyway, and you'll know what's left.
  • Box or bag anything you don't need anymore. Call Goodwill or the Salvation Army for pickup, to help those less fortunate.
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