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Cleaners & Maids

Here are some featured home cleaning & maid services for ### in and around Hamilton.

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view listing for ScrubbiMaids & CleanersScrubbi

Scrubbi is an eco-friendly housecleaning service with monthly, short term, or move out options.

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view listing for Action ChemDryMaids & CleanersAction ChemDry

Action ChemDry is a professional carpet cleaning company providing area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration services for the Hamilton.

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view listing for Apex AquatixMaids & CleanersApex Aquatix

If you are looking for high-quality, efficient pool service and pool repair, look to us, Swim Care Pool Services-quality and consistent pool service

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Decluttering & Home Organizer

Here are some featured decultering & personal organizer services for ### in and around Hamilton.

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view listing for Organized EvolutionDecluttering & Home OrganizersOrganized Evolution

We are a full service, eco-friendly organizing company with over 15 years of proven expertise. Providing office and home solutions including decluttering, filing systems, junk removal, moving, senior downsizing and home/estate sale preparation.

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view listing for Organized SolutionsDecluttering & Home OrganizersOrganized Solutions

If you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, we can help! We are a full service organizing and move management company with over 16 years proven expertise.

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Here are some insect, animal and vermin prevention, cleanup, and extermination services for ### in and around Hamilton.

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view listing for Bed Bugs Purification HamiltonExterminatorsBed Bugs Purification Hamilton

Our one-day Heat Treatment kills Bed Bugs reliably and it also “pasteurizes” your home at the same time by killing mold, mold spores, mildew, odours, bacteria and virus that can otherwise reside on surfaces in your home for years.

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view listing for Heatcast Bed Bugs Exterminator HamiltonExterminatorsHeatcast Bed Bugs Exterminator Hamilton

HeatCast Inc. is committed to offering the best Heat Treatment technology and Process in the industry.

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view listing for Skedaddle Humane Wildlife ControlExterminatorsSkedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Hamilton, Ontario has a diverse wildlife population. It is situated in Southern Ontario on the west side of the Niagara Peninsula and flanks the west end of Lake Ontario.

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view listing for Pest Control St. CatharinesExterminatorsPest Control St. Catharines

Econo Pest is a pest extermination and pest control company in Ontario, Canada. And provide affordable pest removal and extermination services. Our pest service including bed bugs, cockroaches, ant control, fleas, rat & mice control.

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view listing for Hamilton PestExterminatorsHamilton Pest

Hamilton Pest Control is an extremely specialized, leading pest exterminating company in Hamilton. We are a pest control expert, providing the highest level of service, and always offering fair prices.

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Remediation & Restoration

Here are some featured fire / flood / mold / asbestos or disaster remediation and restoration services in and around Hamilton.

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view listing for PuroCleanRestorationPuroClean

With nearly 20 years of experience in property mitigation and restoration, Property Restoration Specialists have earned an excellent reputation. We do more than clean up after a property disaster.

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view listing for hamilton restoration teamRestorationhamilton restoration team

We specialize in Emergency water damage restoration. Water extraction Removal and containment of odour caused by mould and mildew. Drying and dehumidification. We take care of cleaning up any water leak or sewage back up and carpet cleaning.

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view listing for Power Vac Hamilton & Power Environmental ManagementRestorationPower Vac Hamilton & Power Environmental Management

Power Environmental has over 35 years experience providing mould removal & indoor air quality services to home owners

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view listing for PuroClean Property RestorationRestorationPuroClean Property Restoration

PuroClean Brantford is driven to provide an unmatched service experience that is quick, professional and ethical. We serve the Brantford area.

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view listing for Promus HamiltonRestorationPromus Hamilton

Established in 2010, we are truely a unique company bringing together widespread expertise and diverse resources from well-established restoration specialists across Ontario. It continues to be the top provider of hamiltondamage restoration services.

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