Hamilton Job Interview Dressing Tips for Women

It's important to dress appropriate to the job Here are some job interview dressing suggestions for women, to help you get ready for an interview and make that critical first impression. These suggestions are generally appropriate for most office or retail environments You're probably in good shape if none of these comments apply to you.

General Suggestions:

  • Dress for an interview as if you are showing up for work. Dress as good as the boss/manager does (or almost as good).
  • If the dress environment is "casual" it is better to slightly overdress for the interview.

Attire Suggestions:

  • Wear a jacket if you wish to convey authority
  • Don't be provocative: no miniskirts, visible lingerie, see-through tops, or really high heels
  • Pantyhose should not have any runs
  • Don't wear anything wrinkled (no linens)
  • Keep accessories to a business-like minimum
  • Do a final mirror-check. Ask yourself, does this look like someone you'd hire?

Hygiene & Personal Appearance You'd be amazed... some people still miss these basics:

  • Nails, fragrance and makeup should not be distracting. If they are the first thing noticed, they fail as "accessories".
  • Bare arms and legs (this is considered provocative in many business environments, even if you're tanned and fit).
  • Do not smoke at least one hour prior to the interview. The stink will likely offend the 70% of Canadians who don't smoke (and not just your breath; your clothes!). Also, if it is a non-smoking workplace, you may not be hired, since you may be perceived as needing too many smoke breaks.

If in doubt, check out the company a day or so before your interview. Either scope out the office's reception area, peek in the store window.

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