Hamilton Area Bylaws

If the word Consolidated appears in the corresponding column it means the by-law applies to the entire City of Hamilton (including the communities of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek).  Otherwise the by-law has not been consolidated and is unique to the community(s) listed and it applies to that community.

For copies of by-laws not provided on this site, please contact the Records Section.

Animals (Keeping of) Ancaster | Dundas | Glanbrook | Hamilton | Stoney Creek

Building Permits By-law 05-206 (Consolidated)
Building Fees for Services By-law 03-119 (Consolidated)
Cemetery Hamilton
Collectable Waste See: Solid Waste / By-law 05-190 (Consolidated)
Council Procedures By-law 03-301 (As amended)
Development Charges By-law 04-145 (Consolidated)
Dogs & Kennels (Control/Licensing) By-law 01-169 (Consolidated)
Fences Ancaster | Dundas | Flamborough | Hamilton | Stoney Creek
Fences (Swimming Pools) By-law 03-125 (Consolidated)
Firearms By-law 05-114 (Consolidated)
Fireworks By-law 02-285 (Consolidated)
Health Hamilton By-law 4798
Licensing (Business) By-law 06-213 (Consolidated)
Lottery Licensing By-law 04-134 (Consolidated)
Noise By-law 03-020 (Consolidated)
Open Air Burning By-law 02-283
Motorized Snow Vehicles Ancaster | Hamilton | Stoney Creek
Parking (On-Street) By-law 01-218 (Consolidated)
Parks By-law 01-219 (Consolidated)
Pigeons By-law 02-136 (Consolidated)
Property Standards By-law 03-117By-law 03-118 (Consolidated)
Sewers and Drains By-law 06-026 | By-law 04-150 (Consolidated)
Signs Ancaster | Dundas | Flamborough | GlanbrookHamilton | Stoney Creek | Region
Mobile Signs Glanbrook | Hamilton
Third Party/Billboard Signs Hamilton
Signs - Effective February 1, 2007 By-law 06-243 (Consolidated)
Smoking By-law 02-054 (Consolidated)
Snow and Ice By-law 03-296 (Consolidated)
Solid Waste By-law 05-190 (Consolidated)
Souvenirs and MementoesBy-law 03-302
Standing WaterBy-law 03-173 (Consolidated)
Store HoursRegional By-law R79-202 
(Notice to Retail Store Operators)
StreetsHamilton By-law 86-077
TaxiBy-law  03-128 (Consolidated)
Traffic By-law 01-215 (Consolidated)
Trees - Public Property By-law 06-151 (Consolidated)
Trees - Private Property Ancaster     Dundas     Stoney Creek
Trees - Woodland Conservation Regional By-law R00-054
WaterworksRegional By-law R84-026

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