Hamilton Wine Tips

When buying wines:

  • Avoid bottles with wine residue around the cork foil (possible heat damage)
  • Check that the bottle is filled to within an inch of the cork
  • Don't confuse grape varietals with brands (Riesling "rees-ling" is a grape not a vineyard)
  • Don't necessary stick to advertised brand names...the smaller wineries have good wines, too and often at a better price (you're not paying for national advertising)
  • Ask the clerk about vintages or vineyards you are uncertain about

When storing wines:

  • Store bottles on their sides, to keep the corks moist.
  • Store wine in a cool dark place, with a consistent year-round temperature.
  • You can keep unfinished open bottles of wine in your fridge for up to a week. Simply re-insert the cork upside down for a snug fit. Opened bottles of wine will last longer if the air is pumped out (you can buy inexpensive suction devices in wine stores).

When serving wines:

  • You can bring a refrigerated red to drinking temperature by letting the bottle stand out for 30 minutes. You can also microwave a single glass for just 10 seconds
  • If the wine is bad because of a dry cork, return it to the wine store
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