Hamilton Top Tips For New Drivers

(NC)-For many teens - and even their parents - a driver's license is a ticket to freedom. However, even while they explore their new freedom, new drivers must keep safety and responsibility top of mind. This includes investing in an affordable insurance policy that offers drivers full protection.

There are some immediate actions new drivers can take to help lower the cost of insurance. For example, drivers who have completed an approved drivers training course in the last three years may pay lower premiums.

"Choosing a hybrid as your first car not only helps green the environment, it also helps keep the green in your pocket," says Henry Blumenthal, vice president, TD Insurance Home and Auto. "Drivers who own or lease hybrid vehicles can save up to ten per cent on auto insurance premiums through the TD Insurance Green Wheel Program."

Some additional tips for new drivers setting out this season include:

  • Think pink - Keep your pink insurance card with you in the car and know what your insurance policy covers. You will need to show it if requested by the police or when you renew your license.
  • Go slow - Watch out for children and pedestrians as well as changing road conditions. Accidents and tickets will increase your insurance rates and stay on your record for at least six years.
  • Be equipped - Store an emergency kit in your car stocked with jumper cables, a flashlight, first aid kit and a disposable camera to take photos of any accident that may occur. Ensure that the spare tire is fully inflated and your cell phone is fully charged.
  • Know your limits - Before heading out for a long trip, become familiar with the route. Keep distractions like loud music to a minimum and stay alert and observant to your surroundings.

Practice makes perfect, so keep driving and gaining experience on the road. To see which insurance policy best equips new drivers for the road ahead, visit www.protection.tdinsurance.com or call 1-866-753-6953.

- News Canada

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