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Hamilton Transit Bus The Hamilton Street Railway Company ("HSR"), which is part of the City of Hamilton's Public Works Department, provides the public transit services in Hamilton. The city's bus routes connect with GO Transit to provide commuter connections to other centre in the Golden Horseshoe region. 905-527-4441 Buses operate 6 am to 2 am daily. You can see a full system map.

You must pay bus fares with exact change, since the drivers do not carry change. Put you fare directly into the farebox. Coins go in the left slot, and tickets and bills go in the right. If you are using a Transit Pass, slide your pass across the top of the farebox with the black magnetic strip facing toward the operator.

Fare Type

Adult Fare


Senior (over 65)

Cash fare $2.55 $2.55 $2.55
Ticket $2.00 (5 for $10.00) $1.50 (5 for $7.50) $2.00 (5 for $10.00)
Monthly Pass $87.00 $71.00 $205.00
Annual Pass

Effective January 1, 2014

Full time attendees at McMaster University, have bus passes included in the student fees, valid September - April for undergraduates, and September - August for graduate. Your validation sticker (in your registration kit) must be placed on your McMaster Student ID Card, which must be presented to the driver when boarding.

Children under five years of age, accompanied by a parent or other person having charge of them, ride free of charge, provided they do not occupy seats to the exclusion other passengers.

HSR has a special day pass for $9.00 which allows unlimited travel on all regular scheduled HSR routes for a maximum of six people travelling together as a group. A group consists of: two adults and not more than four youths/children 19 years of age or under or one adult and not more than five youths/children 19 years of age or under. For details call 905-527-4441.

GO TRANSIT Fare Integration When you purchase a GO Monthly Pass (Student or Adult) from the GO station in Hamilton (only, and only at that time), you can purchase an HSR ticker for $15.00 for unlimited use on all HSR routes. Stickered GO Passes are valid only within the calendar month designated on the pass.

You will need a "transfer" if you need to use more than one bus to complete your trip, and are using cash or tickets as fare payment. Be sure to request the correct transfer as you board the bus:

Passenger can use their transfer for 90 minutes to transfer between any buses. This transfer can be used for stop-overs and return trips. Transfers are accepted at any HSR bus stop and for buses going in any direction.

Transfers to Burlington Transit: On payment of a regular HSR fare (cash, ticket, pass or transfer) to ride the 11-Parkdale service or other services heading into the King/James area, you can ask the operator for a transfer to connect to the Burlington service once you reach the Burlington Terminal or King & James. This transfer will be accepted on all Burlington Transit (BT) operator to continue your trip from your transferring point.

Customer Service & Information
You can get information about HSR services, routes, and buy tickets and passes by calling 905-527-4441 or from the HSR Ticket Office at the Hamilton GO Centre, 36 Hunter St. E. You can also phone them and they will mail them to you.

Lost & Found
If you left something on the bus you can call 905-528-4200 and ask for Lost and Found, or go to the HSR Customer Service Centre, Hamilton GO Centre, 36 Hunter Street East. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. If you find something on the bus, please give it to the bus driver.

Special Shuttles
HSR provides special shuttles for a number of events, with current details on their web site: Access for Persons with Limited Mobility
The Accessible Transportation Services (ATS) provides door-to-door transportation service for persons with disabilities who are physically unable to board conventional transit services. These are provided in two forms: DARTS and Taxi Scrip, and with the new ALF (Accessible Low Floor) Buses. These buses not only have low floors, about 14 inches above the ground, but upon request, the driver can lower the bus entrance ("knealing") to within 10 inches of the ground and extend front and centre door ramps onto the sidewalk to provide easy access to the bus. Call 905-527-4441 to find out if ALF buses are already serving your local routes.

The Disabled and Aged Regional Transportation System (D.A.R.T.S.) is the non profit charitable organization that provides the Para-Transit service in Hamilton. D.A.R.T.S. is a door to door transportation service employing wheelchair accessible buses and contracted taxi services when appropriate.

The Taxi Scrip program provides discounted coupons for use with any taxi company within the City of Hamilton. Users book service directly with the taxi company at their convenience. Users must be registered with Accessible Transportation Services and must be prepared to show the taxi driver their personal ATS Photo Identification Card each time a taxi trip is taken. The Taxi Scrip program is available to persons with disabilities who are unable to access regular transit service. The cost is $24.00 for a $40.00 coupon book. Each registered eligible client can purchase up to two (2) books per month. To register for the Taxi Scrip program, call (905) 528-4200 and an application form will be mailed to you. The application form, in PDF format, is also available for printing from this website.

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