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There are many taxi companies in Hamilton area. Some do well with telephone reservations, others have stands at major shopping malls or hotels. If you are not in Hamilton, the city, use a taxi company based in the town where you are staying or visiting... they'll usually be quicker to pick you up.

Meter Cabs (who's fare includes 7% GST) start at $2.25 and add $0.10 for each 76.8 meters (or part thereof) plus $0.10 for each for each 14 seconds they are waiting after engagement (ince the meter is turned on) And for abs agreed in advance to be hired by the hour, %32.10 per hour. Seniors get a 10% reduction in fares. Also, not that when loading or unloading groceries, luggage etc., the meter is to be turned on at the commencement of loading/unloading until completion of loading/unloading .

Most taxi firms can give you an estimate of the fare when you call. Some firms have set fixed rates for specific trips.

Oh, yes, and if your driver was courteous and helpful, it is the custom to tip him (or her)! Tips on tipping.

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Airport Taxis

Taxi fares are about $17 from airport to the Lincoln Alexander Parkway, about $20 to downtown, and $40 to McMaster University. The following taxi companies service Hamilton International Airport:

Blue Line Taxi 905-525-BLUE

Hamilton Cab 905-777-7777 or toll free at 1-877-525-2500

Hamilton Limo 905-529-LIMO

Independent Taxi # 7 905.308.6030 (Local and out of town service)

Symphony Limousine 905-522-5200 Also has one-way fares for ground service between Hamilton International Airport and downtown Toronto is $49.95 (tax included).

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