Hamilton Travel: Tips For Travelling With A Disability

If you have a disability and are planning to travel overseas, consider facilities here are among the best in the world, but other countries are not necessarily as accommodating to those with disabilities, so some planning may be necessary.

  • Book direct flights where possible, and if not, allow plenty of time for any necessary transfers between planes or other modes of transport.

  • Call airports & airlines beforehand to enquire about seating arrangements, special meals and shuttle services.

  • Make reservations wherever possible and re-confirm all bookings & arrangements 48 hours beforehand.

  • Notify your travel agency or airlines you are using, that you have a disability, the implications of the disability, and what services may be required.

  • Contact the destination's tourist authority to determine if public transit and local taxi systems can accommodate your disability.

  • Contact relevant embassies to check rules and regulations about your aids - whether it be a wheelchair, guide dog or medication. Cross check what the Canadian embassy in your destination says with what the destination's embassy in Canada tells you.

  • Do not make any assumptions about the wheelchair-accessibility of a facility. Ask about the hotel room, its bathroom, the front steps and any level changes within the hotel or adjoining conference facility, nad any public restrooms. Older facilities may not have ramps or be fully accessible, especially in other countries or in older/heritage buildings.

  • If any of your aids need electric current, check the voltage used in the country you are visiting, which may require electrical adaptors and/or new plug converters.
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