Hamilton Travel: Top 10 List Summer Adventure Travel Destinations

Top 10 Summer Adventure Travel Destinations

  1. Australia: adventure travel, civilized shopping & spas
  2. Brazil: rain forests and famous beaches
  3. British Columbia: outdoor adventure & whale watching.

  4. California: Urban Los Angeles, charming San Fransisco, and a rugged coastline

  5. France: Paris's culture, great forests, mountains, vintards and coastlines
  6. Madagascar: Exotic creatures, old growth forests.

  7. Nepal: Kathmandu and the process of getting there, historic Tibetan Buddhist temples.

  8. New York: New York City is an urban adverture, and upstate New York's offer both recreation and culture

  9. Norway: Fjords & mountain ranges, and a popular cruise destination

  10. Switzerland: Sumer hiking, winter skiing in the Alps, plus visit historic/urban Basel, Geneva or Zurich

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